Hello! Thank you for checking out my page. I hope we get the chance to work together! But first, here is a little bit of about me.

I have fallen in love with photography. Pictures had always been important to me, but it wasn’t until I found myself behind a camera that I truly knew what it meant. In fact, I remember being in about 4th grade when my teacher asked, “If your house caught fire and you could only save one thing (besides family or pets) what would it be?” I said my photo album. Pictures have always been my treasures. And now, I get to be help capture your special moments!

Fun Tidbits:

• I have two dogs named Cynthia and Theo, who often model for me.
• I got my undergraduate degrees at Kansas State University and will forever bleed purple.
• I met my husband in kindergarten!
• I have a major sweet tooth and frequently eat my dessert before dinner.

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